2014: Year of the Diamond

What’s happening rockers?! As we drink down the fact that we’re nearing month number 2 of this brand new year (insane right?!), let me drop down a little recap on what’s been happening in the world of Diamond Lane. The second we wrapped touring last November, we spearheaded straight into the recording studio to lay down some ideas for what is now our BRAND NEW album!! This heavy hitter is slated to drop in April, so just a handful of weeks away! What’s this beast called? I’ll give you a *HINT* — it’s 10 letters long and ends with an “R”. Would you like to buy a vowel? The first person to correctly guess and send an email, is going to get hooked up with an advance copy of the new album and a limited edition t-shirt!! Fire away any and all guesses to the contact in the bottom right hand corner of your screen!

That being said, we’re super fired up about the work we put into this album, and it’s certainly nothing short of riff-crazy, pile driving rhythms and skyscraper vocals. Details of the official release date and concerts for California and beyond are forthcoming. In the meantime, go ahead and meander around the new site, drop us a line on one of our social-netowrks-o-plenty and crack a cold one! It’s not just rock n roll, it’s the Diamond Lane way! One and only, always and forever!!

Stay thirsty my friends!!


BB // DL

Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane

Is that your breath I smell????!

Rockers and rollers!! This month is already blowing by and has been chock full of action! We’ve been slaving in the studio and have slammed out a few dozen demos for the new album, shaved down the elite and start tracking drums tomorrow!! THUNDER!!!!!!!

Even better news? We have some seriously kick ass shows to close out this month and roll into the next!

Diamond Lane “Is That Your Breath I Smell? Fall Tour 2013″ 

-Sunday October 27th @ Sliderbar – Fullerton, CA w/ KILL DEVIL HILL (Rex Brown from Pantera) & Eyes Set to Kill
-Thursday October 31st @ Camozzi’s – Atascadero, CA **HALLOWEEN CREEPSHOW**
-Friday November 1st @ Neto’s – Santa Clara, CA w/ Gundacker Project & SJ Sindicate
-Saturday November 2nd @ Vinnie’s Bar and Grill – Concord, CA w/ Bad Boy Eddy & Bourbon Fixx

Come check out a show, crack a cold one and don’t forget that bubblegum!! CHEERS!!!