New “Terrorizer” Reviews

I just want to say that we in Diamond Lane are so gracious that our new album “Terrorizer” is making an impact in people’s eardrums, stereos and lives. Many kind (and some harsh) words have been shared since its release, and we simply love that. The beautiful thing is that everyone has an opinion and a different perspective, and good or bad, it’s music that conjures up a REACTION — that’s exactly what it’s all about!

These two reviews rolled into the inbox today, so give em a look, and if you haven’t heard these tunes yet, I ask, WHAT are ya waiting for?!

Read what Metal Temple had to say:

And a 2014 best album selection from Metal Assault:

You can stream or even purchase these beasts just about anyplace you can get music these days….so as a licensed physician, “Terrorizer” is your prescription for the month of July! Thanks for reading and supporting our world of hard rock and heavy metal! Play it loud, play it proud!!! \m/

Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane – Frankie, Brandon & Jarret

Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane – Vandigitty

Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane – Ray