April 1st…no jokes here!

April 1st….or International Day of Liars, as I like to put it! Since everyone is going to be telling you sweet sweet mistruths today, we figured we’d throw down some STONE COLD DIAMOND LANE TRUTH with some very awesome and exciting news that has just been brought to our attention. We are extremely privileged to announce:

Diamond Lane is FOX Sports Artist of the Month for May!

What this means is that we’re talking our brand new album “Terrorizer” will be the pump-up and throw down tunes for the best in every sport…across the nation! We’re beyond stoked and thankful at this grand opportunity. To be the soundtrack for tons of ass-kicking action across all sports mediums gets us FIRED UP! More details to follow, but you heard it here first folks… Now can I get a “hell yeah?!?!”

So with that news, and on the heels of our CD RELEASE celebration, SATURDAY MAY 10th at TROUBADOUR in West Hollywood, CA, the month of May is certain to be a monstrous one indeed! If you’re feeling fancy and want to scoop up your tickets now, you can do so here: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/528181

We can’t wait to party with all of you and toast to the new chapter, the new evolution, of Diamond Lane! The one and only!!


DIAMOND LANE - Terrorizer - Releasing 5/10/14 @ Troubadour

DIAMOND LANE – Terrorizer – Releasing 5/10/14 @ Troubadour